“I have been ordered to fight the people until they say:
None has the right to be worshiped, but God.”
“Fight them until there is no more disbelief or worshiping of other gods,
and worshiping is for God alone.”
“Cursed is he who does God’s work remissly”
“Cursed is he who holds back his sword from blood.”

Selected phrases from the Koran, Catholic Bible and Torah used in the performance

FOR ONE’S SAKE deals with the human conflict of  struggling between being and seeking. A decision of one to giving up of oneself´s power in a need of being part of something greater than oneself , a greater “US”. There´s no I alone

4 persons struggling  as  uncompleted beings  to find possibilities in a  place to connect himself / herself with others and became part of something in a hope to fill themselves with more “humanity”.

Actions that manifests in their essence this preoccupation with people as beings in the world and with the world , preoccupation with what and how we are “beings”.

Rambles and actions, which are more anthropological than anthropocentric.

The very structure of their thought has been conditioned by the contradictions of the concrete, existential situation by which they were shaped.  Oppressed by a society which does not recognize  individuals , but rather than that groups / classes/ casts / crowds and so on. This is their model of humanity.

Under these circumstances they cannot “consider” themselves sufficiently clearly to objectivize it — to discover themselves “outside” themselves.  But their perception of themselves as “INDIVIDUALS” is impaired by their submersion in the reality of “SOCIETY” seeking for individual identity.

Concept/ Choreography: Chaim Gebber

Performers: Chaim Gebber, Evan Foster, Roberta Pupotto, Sara Fernandez