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BODY PLAY is a dance event in which CHAIM GEBBER guided the artists on a movement research to celebrate the human body as a moving mechanism. It is the celebration of equality between human beings in a dance improvisation performance.

Body Play deals with the idea of equality between the human race. No skin colour, no religious beliefs, no cultural guidance, no geographic borders, no walls or lines, just the only thing we have for sure in common in our lives the Body and its needs, actions and reactions.

In Body Play the Body and its functional anatomy are used as universal tools of equality allied to dance improvisation as unifying idea of collaboration to create unique moments of body rituals.
By improvising we are placed in the moment, alive and aware of the environment / situation around us and open to re-act by understanding /dealing with ( not judging ) the actions of the others around us. We improvise with what is unique on us, it does not depends on knowing one each other, but more than that on a common understanding.

Body Play Project consist in integrating local dancers into the performance during a residency in which the company and the local dancers are not only focused into the dance training and rehearsals but are sharing the daily life and exchanging cultural informations about the country.

So far Body Play Project was presented in Germany (Tanzfabrik Berlin), South Korea (Palgong Hall Daegu), China (Theater Academy Shanghai), Morocco (National Theater Mohammed V Rabat and Les Studio des Arts Vivants Casablanca), Austria (Festspielhaus Bregenz) and Brazil (Teatro Zelia Olguin Ipatinga – Teatro Raul Belem Machado Belo Horizonte).

Body Play Project in Morocco is been supported by Goethe-Institut Marokko and European Cultural Foundation.

Body Play Project in Brazil is been supported by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.

Photography: Fari Fotoalist  / Andrea Speer / Adnane Ouarid / Mariem Naciri / Yao-Yao / Chumpan / Baldemar Bottini / Igor Silva / Bruno Obara