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DOS PÉS À CABEÇA – is the company’s latest creation and a powerful artistic manifesto that celebrates the encounter and acceptance of both oneself and others.

In times of global political, social and economic turmoil, when the fear of welcoming others into your space is so present; in these days of pandemics, wars and natural disasters, it is extremely urgent that we create havens, islands of affection and emotional protection for ourselves and our neighbors.

Nowadays, we are so busy working or finding ways to make a living, fighting for better days and a fairer society, that sometimes we don’t take the time to stop, breathe and notice the other person next to us, our family or our neighbor or friends who are in the same situation as us, albeit with different references, consequences and reactions.

Using physical theater techniques and sound effects, integrating the audience into the show DOS PÉS À CABEÇA touches the human being in what is most precious to us – our humanity. Our ability to confront and overcome ourselves. Overcoming our fears and our ignorance. Overcoming the past in favor of a more welcoming future, a future of reunions and recognition where I will re-know myself and recognize myself in the other.

Concept/Direction/Choreography: Chaim Gebber

Dramaturgy: Antonia Gomis

Performers: Elizaveta Polyakova, Roberta Pupotto, Salomé Rodrigues

Voice recording: Riccardo Bernardi

Photo: Sebastian Runge