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Those are my shoes. They are not very old, but the history we already lived it´s been a chosen one.

Since we have been together I CHOOSE the streets we walked trough, the cities we were in, the countries we had visited, ALL CHOSEN BY ME …and most importantly – Since we have been together at the end of the day, these shoes always take me home. But this is not about me or my shoes it is about when a pair of shoes becomes a „ HOME“.

When all that one has to return to by the end of the day are memories of places, people and situations. It is about when all that remains is a pair of shoes to take you from here to there. But as I said it is not about me, not about a person, group or a country or a race either . It is only a moment, dedicated to ALL of those who have only a pair of shoes; it is a puppet, a symbolic object to place their memories in and call it HOME.

To all of those that have the urge to live, TO MOVE. Even if only to a timeless space placed in their blurred memory, a place called HOME.

Concept / Direction: CHAIM GEBBER

Choreography and performance
Chaim Gebber & Roberta Pupotto

Photography: Chumpan, Anas Filali