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With the “THE GREEN VILLAGE”, CHAIM GEBBER presents a study on the art and energy of erotica and fetish. The play is equal parts dance, interactive performance art, and research using BDSM and sexuality as tools to illuminate the elemental Respect, Trust, and Exposure inherent in the relationships between practitioners of BDSM.  In popular culture, the sex act marks only a small point in the spectrum of Eroticism and Sexuality, yet it hordes the focus. “The Green Village” urges a widening of our Erotic musings into this spectrum of possibilities. This work shifts the perceptive lens of eroticism by elaborating in performative flare the components involved when people fetishize a profane object and fill it with life, thereby transforming it into a memorable totem. “The Green Village” composes an intimate and evocative atmosphere in space and among the public body.  Mystery, ferocious spectacle and crackling moments, “The Green Village” invites the viewer to confront their desires and exercise personal honesty.

Concept/ Direction: CHAIM GEBBER

Choreography: CHAIM GEBBER in cooperation with the performers

Performers: Chaim Gebber, Irineu Marcovecchio, Roberta Pupotto, Nadine Freisleben, Liobe Marthé, Florian Geldner, Daniel Adams, Melanie Farve and guests.

Advisor: Kitty Moschief

Photography: Sina Schecker / Francesca La Franca / Elissa de Brito / Dario Spoto