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M.O.S.T. My Ongoing Silent Transcendence

M.O.S.T (My Ongoing Silent Transcendence) is a journey through various embodied human, systemic and atmospheric phenomena. In M.O.S.T. the space is established as a synesthetic game of Tetris where bodies, memory, music, curiosity, and introspection collide. As the title suggests, the subject matter examines the intermingling of the phenomena of silence and transcendence. Quietness, stillness, nothingness, soundlessness, and peace can visually manifest in myriad ways. Both repetition of movement as well as relative physical stillness can evoke a feeling of peace and soundlessness of the body and mind and allows silence to descend upon the performer.
Within these phenomena, the aim is to create colorful, textured, infinitely expanding, synesthetic realities where individual movement exploration can thrive. 
M.O.S.T. encourages its performers to reach into a never ending realm; an endless becoming.
It has exposed each of us to the reality that every being is a microcosm. Each one with a very personal universe and history of revolutions, wars, triumphs and discoveries that develop ad infinitum.

Concept/Direction/Choreography: Chaim Gebber

Performance: Chaim Gebber-Open Scene

Photos: Sebastian Runge