SHARING SPACES (Video Project)

SHARING SPACES explores the different ways that culture interferes and defines the way we move, as a result of understanding and feeling, of body-consciousness and awareness of space.

It starts from a particular observation, a research and reaction between “I – ME”, interacting with the surrounding environment and the creating of situations as it spreads to a group “WE – US” behavior. The inter-communication and the exchange of the same pattern of information inspires different reactions, and generates communication creating a “WE – ALL” seek of understanding, sometimes through conflict, sometimes though acceptance and adaptation.
Working with the immediate and spontaneous reactions of the body in different situations we can bring to the surface all the accumulated information ones has experienced a life long.

This mode of thinking enables an understanding of the peculiarities of a culture. The willingness to transcend cultural differences is a threshold which defines our relationships with other human beings.
Sharing Spaces is a cross-cultural project, sharing and expanding dialogues between countries and cultures.
Sharing Spaces is a performance based on a set of instructions to organize and reconfigure one or several bodies in space and time. The same pattern of information (motivations, directions, music, space, time length…) is given to dancers from different cultural backgrounds .

By learning and understanding the cultural differences and the way we and the others deal with our spaces private and public ones, we can avoid misunderstanding and build up mutual respect. Instead of constructing isolating walls we can learn to unlock doors. By open ourselves to exchange , we open the channel for mutual respect and collaboration. I believe that is the only way to build a true communication.
Art has been one of the positive ways cultures have been preserved and passed to the next generation since the earlier times. Is the way one recognizes oneself in order to relate with ones cultural roots.
Art is always an open channel through which multicultural groups exchange their ideas. It is a very strong instrument of unification, so why not use it to shorten our distances in understanding? The physical art of dance puts us in direct contact and exchange with our global cultural diversity. Working on understanding, acceptance and especially improvisation as we deal in our daily life, in schools, clubs, parks, streets, public transport and so on.


Photography: Wang Feng