SOFT BEASTS is a Gothic inspired physical theatre piece that tells the story of LUCY a lovely lonely girl that grew having her toys as replacement to the love from her parents. One day she gets a very special present from her parents, a small box that holds magic creatures that would help her to overcome her loveliness.

“LUCY  was clever, clean, charismatic .

She could tell you every single small detail about her toys, even the small damages and how they happened.

She could tell you lots of things, but ….

If she was asked about her family and parents, She couldn´t say much. Her parents were always so busy with the business of the day that they hardly ever had time to her. After while she forgot the basic informations about them; how the looked like, how they spoke, their smell, skin color and most of all … their love. but she knew how their voice sounded  and how they wrote. They always left messages on the answering machine and notes on the food to be prepared on the micro wave and … Toys.” 

Concept/Choreography: CHAIM GEBBER

Performers: Roberta Pupotto, Nadine Freisleben, Giovannina Sequeira, Daniel Adams

Guests: Jeong-Ji-Hoon, Kim-Dong-Yoon, Kim-Min-June

Photography: Ronald Prater