15 - 19 april 2019

Tanz vor Ort Festival 2019 - openSpace - tanzTraining reSearch - tanzCoaching à la Carte.

The basis of this research are the 3 physical spaces we deal with: Our PRIVATE space, our SOCIAL space and our PUBLIC space.

What exactly are these spaces and how do we interact with and within them?
How do we create and take spaces? Physical sequences and consequences of occupying those spaces.
In the research workshop we will be working on one part of the CONSCIOUS BODY SYSTEM, created to connect people through physical and mental workout , the „Social games“  and the „Puzzle phrases“.


Improvisation games using tools as skin, negative spaces, structures and others in order to develop a better understanding of the body and its structures and to create a mutual care from our body and the body and space of the others.


- There is a group of special phrases In the Conscious Body System  that were designed to develop awareness of space and timing  thought collaboration. On these  phrases the ones involved works very close one each other and when one moves he/she… creates the same negative space for the other to move into it. Like  pieces of a puzzle. This phrases while increase the profit of  the physical exercise  guides the movers at the same time to focus  on the space and time one each other.

Zeitraum: 15. - 19. April 2019 (Karwoche)
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